2012, The Year In Review

It’s hard to explain sometimes, why i like to keep track of mundane details like what populates this festival of trivialities.  i suppose it’s best summed up by the idea that from thirty seconds of thinking about what i did each day springs a vivid picture of the rhythm of an entire year.  Things i did well, things i did a lot of, things that, in retrospect, i wish i did more of, or less of.  And of course, how many times i went to McDonald’s.

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As always, i mostly do this for my own amusement, but also to serve as an inspiration.  Or warning.  To myself and others.

Some thoughts:

  • Wow, beer adds up fast.   i blame this on the Red Sox being terrible.
  • i need more road trips this year; especially if i still have a bike commute.  or no job.
  • Need to take the bike west this year, to train for the Dirty Dozen.
  • More frequent-flier miles are desperately needed this year.  Since the US national team looks like they’ve sorted out their left-back situation, i’m still like 50k short of a ticket to Brazil in 2014.  Hey Delta, throw me a cheap fare somewhere good.
  • i need to get back to playing two soccer games a week more often.  And i need to shoot more.
  • Obviously, i need to eat more McDonald’s.  But don’t we all.
  • It’s interesting how much it takes to actually impact your routine throughout the year.  It pretty much takes something on the scale of quitting your job or driving to Arkansas to spike your bar graphs.
  • It’s possible that i wasted the entire month of November.
  • Yes, i have made navel-gazing a science.
  • Also, this is why i like Numbers better than Excel these days.

Author: rcolonna

crashes, bangs, maniacal laughter.

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