2013 Year In Review

To be honest, i think i need to change it up this year.  Maybe learn some different things about myself instead.  The last thing i want to do is get bored with my spreadsheet, after all.  Although i was very proud of my scholarly work studying the types of beer i drink, that took a lot of work, so i will not be doing that again.

What does this tell me about the forthcoming year?  What did i not do enough of?  Too much of?  Well, i didn’t play enough video games or go to enough concerts, because there weren’t any to count (although ironically, i did close down more bars than i did last year).  i’ll certainly hope to commute by car less this year, and road-trip more to make up for it.  i feel like i’ve let my twitter performance slack a little bit, probably due to working too much, and i barely kept my elite status on yelp; both need to improve, although i did take a lot of photos this year, which is nice.  And as always, this year, i’d like to score a goal, dammit.

Without goals, all this data is just self-indulgent wanking, you know.

Read on, and be very afraid, friends.

Year in Review 2013 - 1
Year in Review 2013 - 2
Year in Review 2013 - 3
Year in Review 2013 - 4
Year in Review 2013 - 5

Author: rcolonna

crashes, bangs, maniacal laughter.

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