It’s not the end of the world

A funny thing happened when i was watching the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse on my iPad the other day.  The girl said something to the effect of “the world’s blowing up, again, what a surprise.” over my shoulder.  And i found myself agreeing with her.

Now, i’m not any kind of comic book fan, and these aren’t anything resembling sacred texts for me.  But i like big summer tentpole movies, and i like watching characters snark and blow things up, in varying proportions.  At the same time, my overwhelming reaction to all this was, “meh.”

Like i said, though i’m not invested in comic books, emotionally, the first Iron Man drew me in instantly, not least because forget the superhero part, the protagonist is plainly an engineer.  And a smartass.  Plenty to identify with.  Captain America was a fun period adventure.  And while i liked South Park‘s take on Thor better than the movie, The Avengers, when it came along, was fun, because all the characters were fun.  And that’s just the rub.

These movies succeed because they’ve hired good writers and have done a fantastic job finding great actors to inhabit iconic characters.  But it’s tough to come up with impressively escalating stakes for all these movies.  Saving the world is exhausting for those of us in the audience as well, as it turns out, and it’s tough to write yourself a smaller story that feels as important afterwards.

It’s been said about some actors, some characters, that they’re so good you’d watch them do anything.  And that can cut both ways.  After all this meaningless galactic import and world-saving, at this point, i think, hell, i know i’d rather watch Iron Man, Mystique, Spider-Man, and the Joker in a sitcom set in their local bar.

Remember, everybody, i came up with the idea to remake Cheers with superheroes first. You can paypal me my royalties whenever’s convenient.

Author: rcolonna

crashes, bangs, maniacal laughter.

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